Child Security Management

Kids playing outside? worry no more !!

Kids grow better playing outside, but their security ? with ezGate, Security can always seek your permission easily and quickly if they try to leave the society, so worry no more and you can also allow them too. 

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Child Security

Instruct Security for Control on check out

ezGate smart platform provides you feature to instruct Security at Gate for allowing or not your kids to go out of premises. in that way you alway undercontrol of your kid's safty. thats all on App. 

Notification on Check Out/IN

Always get promptly notified on any check out attempt or When they check In. 

Know where you kids are!

with ezGate smart features, you can always get to know where you kids are. 

Bring the life-tech in your society

Join us to effectively manage and give wow factors to your Residents and win their hearts - come embrace technology and provide a new way of Society Management that cares for its residents.