Facility Booking simplified

Booking Community hall or Lawn made easy

With ezGate, Society can list their facilities and amenities for booking or slotting, residents can easily book the facility such as community hall for functions or Guesthouse for family guest accommodation to the clubhouse for slotting – all with the just app. 

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Facility Booking Management

Book Facility From Anywhere

ezGate Platform let Society Management list all their facility and amenities up for booking for the convenience of Members of community and Members can book, pay and reserve facility with just a few touches on their mobile app. its that eazy. 

Book your time for Clubhouse

ezGate gives smart way to organise clubhouse timeing so that everyone can be accomodated on their convenience and so that members can enjoy various amenities without bumping into each other. thats eazy.

know the usage

ezGate help gives you insight on usage and analysis on what can be done more or less and help  decide how management can keep their members happy communities.

Bring the life-tech in your society

Join us to effectively manage and give wow factors to your Residents and win their hearts - come embrace technology and provide a new way of Society Management that cares for its residents.