Smart, Paperless & Tech enabled Society Management

Make your society 5G ready!!

ezGate provides smart, secured and future ready platform to run most of the society processes and works automatically and paperless which enables Management committee to provide enhance experience to their residents and create values to Society. 

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Society Management

Visitor Management

Manage your guest, visitors, delivery executive seemlessly and effectively with just sending passcode to your Guest or just approve your visitor on your app when they are the gate- its so simple that you would want Guest visits you more offently. 



e-Directory Opinion Polls eBazzar

with e-Directory, you can alway a click away from your neighbour or Just have an opinon poll for everything and anything within you community, what more, you can buy and sell within your society anything and everything with eBazar 


Bring the life-tech in your society

Join us to effectively manage and give wow factors to your Residents and win their hearts - come embrace technology and provide a new way of Society Management that cares for its residents.