Your daily staff management is simplified !!

All the things you are worried about daily is solved

Worried about cook, maid, cleaner or nanny – no more, with ezGate, you can find a maid or any staff, managing their attendance, paying their salary and more you can do on App. Is it not too simple to believe and yes its true. 

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Daily Staff Management

Get Notification - All the time

Now no more worries about your maid or cook or any other staff, you get notification as checked in or out - All time plus you get to know where else they work so if they are not contactable, you can always knows whom to contact. 

Staff Attendance -Simplified

Mark their attendence on your mobile app and you know how many days they have come - it will simplified your daily headaches. 


Pay, Review or Find new one - its Eazy.

You can now easily pay your staff salary through App, you can put on review and also read review and hire a new one, all is made easy for you. 

Bring the life-tech in your society

Join us to effectively manage and give wow factors to your Residents and win their hearts - come embrace technology and provide a new way of Society Management that cares for its residents.