Why Choose EzGate?

with ezGate Residents can know where their staffs (cook, maid, cleaner) is, Manage their delivery executive, Visitors, Guest, can lodge complaint from anywhere for quick resolutions, and Society management can do many things from their mobile, like to know what complains, send maintenance-related update, collect Maintenance Charges online! and many more it’s never been so eazy…it's super eazy!!! ezGate.

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Why ezGate

Society Management

ezGate provides smart, secured and future ready platform to run most of the society processes and works automatically and paperless which enables Management committee to provide enhance experience to their residents and create values to Society. 

Security Management

ezGate Smart Security Platform provides enhance security, safety and gives access to visitors, your staff ( cook, maid, etc) and delivery executives upon residents' approval through App. Its simple to use and fully secured. 


ezGate Smart Platform provides a smart Helpdesk to resolve all the Society related issues and complete the task easily. 

Bring the life-tech in your society

Join us to effectively manage and give wow factors to your Residents and win their hearts - come embrace technology and provide a new way of Society Management that cares for its residents.